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(The History & Heritage of the World's only living Fort)

With the help of an astrologer saint, king Jaisal selected a triangular hill on which to construct a fort. There was a well with water on this hill. People believe that this well was dug by an arrow shot by Lord Krishna. Since this was a higher hill, this place was also safer than Lodarva. Thus in 1155 A.D. (1212 V.S.), Jaisal laid the foundation stone of this fort. In the name of Jaisal, this fort was called Jaisalgarh then later Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer became famous as Bhati Rajput's 9th and last kingdom. Jaisal ruled for 5 years in his fort before he died. After Jaisal, his son Salivahan-II became the king. He too built few palaces, walls etc. The heirs of Salivahan-II were Kelhan Chachigdev and Karan. During the tenure of these kings, there was infighting for succession. The fort did not develop much during this period.

At the end of the 90's the Jaisalmer Fort became heavily populated with businesses, hotels and people, so the owner of Hotel Roop Mahal, Chandra Ujjwal took a major decision to remove his Hotel from the Fort. This important decision was made due to Chandra wanting to sustain the heritage of the Fort and if there is any possibility of the hotels being built into the Fort being dangerous. He went on to open the new Hotel Roop Mahal outside the Fort on 15 August 2009 which is Independence Day of India, which was fitting as he saw this as taking Independence of the Hotel from the Jaisalmer Fort.

Hospitality is currently the main aim and attitude of the hotel and this can be seen by the many comments that have been left on location and several can also be found on the Testimonials page. Feel free to leave any of your own personal comments, as Hotel Roop Mahal is continuously looking for ways to improve their services any suit the tastes of every tourist's needs.

Namastey! Just got back from a 3 day safari it was awesome, great food, great Guides, great Camels, great desert experience. Highly recommend it, our best adventure get in India

Allison (Australia)