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Dream the Desert

Hotel Roop Mahal also offers various Camel Safari Tours which is a company called 'Dream The Desert' which was started by Chandra in 1985. His expertise and knowledge from riding many camels and running many safari tours, assisted him in making 'Dream The Desert' Safari Tours longer and with a more non-touristic feel then other safaris, all over the Deserts of Rajasthan. So information on the different cultures, wildlife and traditions of the Thar Desert is always close at hand and Chandra amongst the helpful Camel Men are always happy to give all this information to you. The Camel Men are also there to teach you the ways of the desert, including camel riding, cooking and traditional safari techniques. Safety and hospitality is their main intentions to tourists who go on the exciting safaris and they all can speak good English.

Most of the tourists who visit Jaisalmer have the specific intention to go on a Camel Safari through traditional villages in the desert, an experience that leaves long lasting memories of this unique Rajasthani City. There is no pressure to take any specific types of safaris and when you are taken on the non-touristic safari, you are guaranteed that you will not see any other tourists, other than those from the same agency or compensation will be given. This means that the safaris take place 60KM and futher from the Jaisalmer Fort traveling near isolated sand dunes whilst witnessing beautiful sunsets.

'Dream The Desert' is motivated on giving all types of customers the best experience of The Golden City of India and can offer the following creature comforts to make you feel as at ease whilst traveling in the unpredictable Desert environment.

  • Specially designed bed roll 'Swags' which includes clean white bed sheet, Pillow with clean cover on top for sleeping under the stars
  • Filtered mineral water provided for duration of the trip and used for all cooking purposes
  • Non Vegetarian meals and Alcohol provided upon request
  • Jeep Drop off/Pick Up to a distance of 60KM and further
  • Camping Tents provided upon request
  • Traditional music & entertainment available upon request
  • Helpful and friendly Camel Men to act as responsible Tour Guides

Namastey! Just got back from a 3 day safari it was awesome, great food, great Guides, great Camels, great desert experience. Highly recommend it, our best adventure get in India

Allison (Australia)