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Camping at Sam Sand Dunes
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Camping at Sam Sand Dunes

The famous Sam Sand Dunes are 45km outside of Jaisalmer. The dunes consist of a large area of uninterrupted sand with no vegetation to be found. The sand surface is ever changing due to the desert winds that regularly create new hollows and hills. These sometimes reach 500 meters in height!

The area is a popular tourist destination. Hundreds of camels are available and groups on the dunes create an exciting carnival atmosphere.

During the evening, the camp provides entertainment in the form of traditional local desert musicians and performers. Their impressive displays have kept audiences captivated in the evenings for years. They perform traditional folk songs with local instruments and continue to surprise audiences with extraordinary stunts and displays. After the performances, visitors are encouraged to dance with the performers to a mix of traditional and modern, Indian and Rajasthani music styles.

The performances are to be enjoyed alongside traditional Indian and Rajasthani snacks and food dishes. An array of drinks (including alcohol and cocktails) are also available from the bar alongside the performance area.

These evening events can be experienced as a part of a number of different packages – from sunset trips, to options with provided overnight accommodation.


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Namastey! Just got back from a 3 day safari it was awesome, great food, great Guides, great Camels, great desert experience. Highly recommend it, our best adventure get in India

Allison (Australia)